This report contains information about what kind of browser your visitors were using. Each browser version is listed separately.

Report generated on Jun 2, 2022 (UTC)
If a visitor comes to your website for the first time or if they visit a page more than 30 minutes after their last page view, this will be recorded as a new visit.
ChromeChrome  41.8%1,242
Chrome MobileChrome Mobile  32.1%954
Mobile SafariMobile Safari  14.9%442
SafariSafari  5.9%175
FirefoxFirefox  1.7%51
Samsung BrowserSamsung Browser  1.2%35
Chrome Mobile iOSChrome Mobile iOS  1%29
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer  0.9%28
Yandex BrowserYandex Browser  0.2%6
MIUI BrowserMIUI Browser  0.1%3